Meet Expeditionary Leader Eduardo Balarezo

Eduardo Balarezo is a former financier, business executive and social entrepreneur who currently leads Mind Shift Impact, a transformational change organization. He focuses his expertise in systems thinking, alternative futures and adventure learning to design programs that help individuals achieve meaningful personal and professional transitions in today’s Impact Economy.

 Eduardo is a recognized social entrepreneur and founder of the retail brand Lonesome George & Co., which provided funds for the education and protection of the Galapagos Islands.  He next channeled his passion for business, adventure learning and social impact to teach youth about courage and compassion by founding Academy of Agents of Change in Miami. In partnership with the North Carolina Outward Bound School this program prepares high school students to identify their passions and use them to tackle pressing social issues in their communities. 

Eduardo was responsible for bringing Outward Bound to Ecuador and served as its first President. He also served two terms on the board of Outward Bound International. 

As a recognized social innovator, Eduardo was nominated as a remarkable individual and included in the 100 “Visionary Leaders" list in 2015. Eduardo is an Expeditionary Leader; conservation advocate and 2016 TEDx Speaker

 Eduardo holds a BA from Brown University; a Global Executive Business Programme from IESE-Wharton-CEIBS and he is working to complete his MS in Foresight and Strategic Thinking from UHCL. Eduardo currently lives in South Florida with his wife and 4 children where he teaches courses for the social entrepreneurship degree at The Watson Institute.


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