Meet Expeditionary Leader Maggie Fox

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

Maggie Fox is a consultant working with organizations, foundations and communities focused on climate change and clean energy strategy. She is the past president and CEO of The Climate Reality Project and The Climate Action Fund. She also served as the president of America Votes and deputy executive director of the Sierra Club. Maggie has spent her entire career helping protect our natural world.

Maggie came to Outward Bound first as a participant. She then became one of the first female instructors in the Outward Bound system, working at both the North Carolina and Colorado Outward Bound schools. An accomplished mountaineer she has participated in many expeditions around the world. 

Maggie has had a long, distinguished career serving others. And like many of us who began their careers working for Outward Bound, it is those days that she reflects most upon.

"Being an (Outward Bound) instructor was the biggest gift of my life," said Maggie in Outward Bound Lessons To Live A Life of Leadership. "How magical is it to watch people kind of fall in love with themselves, to learn, 'I'm a good person. I can do this.' That sense of wonder about yourself is so rare. Having the experience of watching people unfold into their own beauty and power. They rise. Like a fish to a lure, they rise."




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