Never Give Up On Giving

We're just a few weeks from the publication of my book, Outward Bound Lessons To Live A Life of Leadership. The "lessons" are told through the stories of fifteen extraordinary people. They range in age from a now sophomore in college who was 16 when she launched her first non-profit to a man in his eighties who served in the first class of the Peace Corps. The lessons reflect an approach to walking in the world that I call "Expeditionary Leadership."

Author and master coach Richard Leider, who wrote the foreward for my book, put it this way: "The Outward Bound motto--To Serve, to Strive, and Not to Yield--has always struck a deep chord within me. And, if there is one great secret to becoming an Expeditionary Leader, it is to never give up on giving--to serve."

Universally everyone I spoke with while researching this book referenced the motto. These values: serving, striving, and not yielding, are the core of the lessons that I learned from my years of working with Outward...

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