In A Time of Deep Disruption

Change-rapid change is upon us. A year and a half ago I sat in the New York headquarters of Google and listened as Google's head of Auto marketing described the rapid speed with which machine learning was being developed and deployed. This past spring I experienced a sampling of augmented reality through a friend who works as a data analyst for Magic Leap. Not only are the rules of the game rapidly changing, but for many out there in the world the game itself has completely changed.

For all of the incredible advances that our technology companies are making, there are many unintended consequences. And for many in our country this has led to feelings of extreme dis-ease. They and their world are being left behind. It's great to think about autonomous cars showing up in the moment we need them, whisking us off to our destination and rerouting on the fly to find the quickest way to our destinations. But when you realize that part of the fallout of moving toward that future is the...

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