Swayed Always By Beauty and Truth

In case you are jumping into this for the first time, we have been exploring an inspirational saying by Minnesota and Canada Outward Bound founder Bob Pieh:

Be tough yet gentle, humble yet bold, swayed always by beauty and truth.

Swayed always by beauty and truth. These words are the true north of an Expeditionary Leader. They guide actions and provide the moral compass that lay at the heart of Outward Bound founder Kurt Hahn's philosophy. 

Let me start out by clarifying what I am not referring to when looking at beauty. Our culture has objectified "beauty" around the physical characteristics of women, commercialized it and created a half a trillion dollar industry around its pursuit. We could engage (and perhaps we should) in a deep debate around the damage caused by focusing on physical appearance in our culture, but that is not the conversation of this particular post.

Beauty leads us toward the sacred. Look at church, synagogue and mosque architecture. The places we design...

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