Reflections On 2019--Circling Up

For many this time of year is filled with celebration and resolutions--and yet the milestone of a new year is simply a construct we have created. What remains clear, however, is how effective such a cycle of change can be for people. We operate well when there are beginnings and endings. 

It has always been my practice to use this time of year as reflection. Among the many things that Outward Bound taught me is the "ebb and flow cycle of experience"--this is what I now call Expeditionary Leadership.

It begins with a determined amount of time--the expedition. Prior to launch you plan. You meet with your partner and your course director and plan your route. You plan your meals and figure out what gear you will need. You discuss your strengths and places where you struggle. You review the files of the participants who will be joining you. And you lay out the first 72 hours.

Then you launch. During that immersive/training phase you are teaching. Much of the teaching revolves...

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