Change Is A Teacher

As a former Outward Bound wilderness leader, business leader, executive coach and founder of Expeditionary Leadership, I have spent most of my adult life leading people through transformational change. Through thousands of days and with thousands of people I have guided into and through the unknown. In my upcoming book, Outward Bound Lessons To LIve A Life of Leadership (Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers and in the stores October 15) I recounted a story of leading a group on a particularly difficult hike in Big Bend National Park. The hike leads from the desert floor up into the Chisos mountains, gaining nearly 3,000 feet of elevation in a very short distance with no shade and no water sources. During a particularly steep switchback one of the participants looked at me and asked if I felt any of the discomfort of and difficulty of the moment. My answer was this: "Of course I feel it. My hips hurt from the pack. My legs hurt from the ascent. But the biggest difference...

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