Lead By Listening

Expeditionary Leaders solve problems and challenges by listening. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it. But the truth is, deep listening requires great humility and belief in the party or parties to whom you are listening. Listening is a key ingredient to building trust.

A year ago I spent some time with Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and philanthropist (to name just a few). I snapped the picture above while waiting for my interview with him. 

His story mirrored the others I had interviewed for my new book, Outward Bound Lessons To Live A Life of Leadership. And one of the lessons he reflected so deeply was the importance of listening. 

Arthur told me the tale of his purchase of the Atlanta Falcons. As he explored the opportunity he met with the professional players and asked them what they would want from an owner. Their answer surprised me. 

On any given Sunday only about 60% of the seats were filled.

"Of the 60% that...

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