The World Has Been On Solo

From across the globe, as we come together on Zoom calls, humanity is expressing its hunger for connection. Empty cafes, boarded up businesses and deserted interstates are the pictures of today. For most in the modern world, time spent alone ranges from rare to non-existent. And even as we shelter in place many of us are surrounded with a digital web that connects us with friends and acquaintances near and far.

In our modern world, thinking of being alone often creates anxiety. We fill up our day with Netflix streaming, home projects and Facebook feeds. Even when we are alone physically we are not disconnected. But maybe we should be.

Solo is a critical component of an Outward Bound experience. A course is typically divided into stages--the training stage, where skills are learned and norms established; the main expedition, where more and more responsibility is transferred from the instructors to the crew; and final, where the group functions on its own with the Outward Bound...

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