You Should Hire An Outward Bound Instructor

The news in the United States and around the world is sobering. The world is in lock down. Central Park in New York is being turned into a field hospital. We cannot see the thing that is attacking us and our only remedy is to physically isolate ourselves from each other. Our economy is grinding to a halt and millions are now without a job and paycheck. The pandemic is like a major earthquake and the economic tsunami it has triggered is coming. It isn't a question of if it will happen, but how devastating the impact will be. More than anything else we need to prepare ourselves.

Outward Bound was born during another time of world strife--World War II. Designed as "the moral equivalent of war," founder Kurt Hahn was explicit in his intent.  Tom James, noted scholar and former Dean and Provost of the Teacher's College at Columbia University, wrote this about Hahn:

 Hahn was working from a disability greater than his own, a collective predicament verging on catastrophe. In...

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